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Campamento Umpala

Campamento subantártico en el fin del mundo en la región de magallanes realizamos excursiones dentro del parque alacalufes, caminatas sobre hielo, pesca, navegaciones, snorkeling y mucho mas, campamento no dejando rastro en la patagonia, excelente escuela para convivir con la naturaleza

Campamento Umpala

Duraciòn: 3 dìas / 2 noches min
Tipo de alojamiento: Carpa
Temporada: Diciembre a abril
Capacidad: 10 Personas máx.

At the southernmost tip of the American continent is Cape Froward. Further on, in a cluster of islands between whales and glaciers comes Umpala Bay (Bahía de las Ballenas), a pre-Antarctic climate, where the best of Patagonia and the eternal Ice are mixed. More than 70 species of Fauna and between forests twisted by the strong winds of the South own the Most Southern Camp of the World. Observations of Whales and Marine Fauna or simply enjoy the last wild bastion of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. The permanence in our Camp will depend on the interest to realize the different excursions, with a minimum of 2 nights, since the regular transport service of our boats, access every two days the sector. The climate is characterized by strong summer winds, so we recommend to consider a day of waiting or standing for access to a  wonderful area, the time that you can take advantage of to alternatively make other interesting programs of our company in the continental zone.