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Somos un grupo de personas y
empresas que buscan transmitir a
los viajeros la experiencia de vivir
y sentir la Patagonia. Las empresas
que conforman nuestro grupo son:
Hotel Boutique Estancia Río de los
Ciervos, Solo expediciones, Hotel
del Paine y Feel Patagonia Tour

About Navigations



Regulation of excursions

1. The collection and reimbursement of monies

a) Ground transportation

If due to weather conditions, navigation is suspended in the Port of Shipment having made the terrestrial transfer, this value will be retained without refund option.

b) Percentage of navigation:

Two regular sailings to the Magdalena and Marta Islands or Only to the Magdalena Island are contemplated. In the event that 100% of the Navigation is not carried out, 10% of the value of the Navigation will be refunded, either due to climatic conditions or by decision of the Captain of the vessel.

c) Tickets to the natural monument "Los Pingüinos"

In case of not disembarking in Magdalena Island, the value canceled for this concept will be refunded.

2. Of the responsibilities

a) Personal accidents:

Accident Insurance, making the Company responsible up to the insured amount.

b) Equipment damage or loss

The company Solo Expediciones is not responsible for damages or losses of equipment, money, etc., during the development of the tour.

c) Of the minors

Minors who make the trip will be the sole responsibility of the parents, or the elderly with whom they travel.

3. Recommendations

Given the nature of our boats, semi-rigid and semi-covered speedboats, the use of the following elements is recommended:

  • Warm and waterproof clothing

  • Hat with earflaps

  • Personal backpack with nylon bag to carry cameras and others

  • Gloves

  • Use of sunscreen

  • Shoes

4. Causes for suspension of excursions

a) The Maritime Authority may at any time suspend the departure if the navigation conditions are not adequate for the safety of life at sea.

b) The Captain or Skipper of the ship may suspend the navigation at any time if he considers that the navigation conditions are not appropriate.

c) The Captain or Skipper may prevent the navigation of any passenger if he / she considers that this may endanger the vessel or its members, as well as if it determines that the person due to capacity or illness is not suitable for the excursion.

5. Alternative in case of suspension

In case of not navigating for climatic reasons, we offer a Patagonian Wildlife excursion of the same amount of time and money, to review this program you can click here.


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